Advantages Of Builders With In-House Warranty Personnel

Advantages Of Builders With In-House Warranty Personnel

In the home building process, you should only work with a builder that stands behind their work. If there is no warranty offered, it’s probably best to find another builder. Among builders who offer warranties, there are still differences that can be worth noting. How long is the term of the warranty? What all does it cover? Also, who is covering the warranty, an outside company or is it handled in-house?

In-house vs outside warranty service

At first glance, this may not seem like an important distinction as long as your home is covered. There are some factors to consider:

  • • A continuing relationship: You shopped around for a homebuilder you could trust. You worked with them for many months and watched them build your home. Continuing a relationship with this company afterward capitalizes on this existing relationship.
  • • Not being just an account number: Have you ever had to spend hours on the phone waiting for your health insurance company to get around to helping you? Massive bureaucracies cannot deliver a personal touch. Dealing with your builder instead of an outside company is almost like being able to deal with your doctor rather than an insurance company for medical billing – big difference.
  • • The builder is standing behind the work: When a builder handles all warranty claims in-house, you know they are willing to look the customer in the eye and be accountable for the quality of their work. If there are any mistakes, they will have to fix them rather than have a third party investigate.
  • • Local rather than out-of-area warranty assistance: Most of the time, when you hire a builder they are local to where the build took place. If there is a problem, you can drive over and talk to them about it. On the other hand, dealing with an out-of-state call center can be frustrating.
  • • Familiarity with the project: In-house warranty personnel works for the company that built your home. They have inside knowledge of all the materials, workers, timing and other information that could be relevant to resolving a warranty claim. This makes the process go much smoother.
Winslow Homes uses in-house personnel for our warranty service

We build homes for customers in Wendell, Knightdale, Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Youngsville, Oxford and the surrounding areas. Once the homes have been completed, we are proud of our work and fully stand by it. If there is a warranty claim, we do not outsource that to a third party.

Our loyalty is to our customers, and we want them to be satisfied from beginning to end with their experience. Call us today at (919) 556-4700 to discuss building a custom home that enjoys our in-house warranty service.

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