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Do you have your own plot of land you want to build your dream home on? Winslow Homes builds custom homes across the Triangle region of North Carolina with outstanding service and ENERGY STAR standards.

If you’re considering building a home from the ground up on your own plot of land, Winslow Homes can help make your dream a reality.

We Will Help You Every Step of the Way

Work With Our In-House Draftsman

Winslow Homes is here to guide you through the entire process of building your custom home. We have the personnel and resources available to create your perfect home and put the keys in your hands. Whether you have a set of plans for a custom home that you want to build or if you’re starting from scratch, we will provide assistance in curating every detail of your home.

We will build your dream home even if you:

With the help of our in-house draftsman here at Winslow Homes, nothing stands in the way of designing the home you have always imagined.

The Winslow Homes Difference

What Sets Us Apart?

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    We Never Start Construction on Two Homes at the Same Time

    When we sign a contract, your dig date is scheduled on the calendar. We dedicate that whole week to your project to make sure everything is getting started properly. This allows us to partner with local tradesmen that can spend more quality time on your home, and we can collaborate more with our customers during the build process.
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    Our Incredible Design Studio

    Visit our design studio to browse through dozens of samples of cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, flooring, accents and more.
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    In-House Warranty Personnel

    Our in-house warranty personnel are dedicated to fulfilling any warranty tasks that need to be completed.
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    We Build Energy Efficient Homes

    Energy efficiency is part of our culture; you will enjoy lower electric bills!
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    In-House Interior Designer

    We have an in-house interior designer that can help you at any point during the process of customizing your home or while making selections at our design studio.
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    Unique Personalization

    Our customers personalize their homes and we encourage it! Initials and hand prints in concrete, scriptures on studs, bibles in walls, anything that makes your home unique.
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    In-House Drafting & Design Services

    We have an in-house draftsman, so don’t worry about scavenging the internet for a home. We can design your dream home for you!
We Have Lots Available

Need Help Finding a Suitable Lot?

Many of our customers come to us with a vision of building a custom home on their own lot before they actually own a viable piece of property. Winslow Homes has exceptional and affordable lots available now. Partner with us and select one of our Winslow Homes communities as your new home.

Benefits of Building a Home on Your Own Land

The Perfect Location

Instead of trying to match a house you love with a location you love, you can focus on finding the perfect location knowing you can build a custom home to your liking later.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Buying an existing home or “fixer-upper” with dozens of expensive projects and problems isn’t really a “money-saver.” A custom-built home will save you money by avoiding expensive projects in the future.

The Little Things

You’ve always wanted a certain kind of shiplap or farmhouse sink or outdoor kitchen. Well, with a custom home design, you can make all those wishes realities.

It's Under Your Control

You want to avoid all the little unforeseen issues of taking on an existing home or one built by a stranger. Building a custom design on your own land puts every variable under your control, as you oversee every stage of the process from foundation to roof.

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