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Our Community

Celebrating our community is one of the main values at Winslow Homes. We are proud to partner with many different organizations and give back to a community who has given our business a home and a place to grow. The following are a few of the different organizations we have had the opportunity to partner with in our community:

Homes For Hope

Winslow Homes was recently selected to be North Carolina’s first Homes for Hope builder. Homes for Hope is a Christ-centered non-profit that works with a select number of America’s best home builders to build homes for HOPE. Homes for Hope provides microloans to hard-working individuals in impoverished countries; 98% of these microloans are repaid, which then goes to help others in need. They use that money to start local businesses that not only help them but also help the communities in which they live. The proceeds from the sale of these homes are expected to empower over one thousand hard-working entrepreneurs to create and grow small businesses in sixteen of the most impoverished countries around the world by providing a hand-up rather than a handout. 

For example, Ramona who lives in the Dominican Republic was able to start a small tabletop business in the town square with a loan of $47 US Dollars. She grew her small business to the point that her daily profit is three times her original loan amount. She now provides for all of her family’s needs and supports her local church. Entrepreneurs like Ramona are realizing their God-given talents and are breaking the chains of physical and spiritual poverty every day thanks to builders like Winslow Homes. Winslow Homes, and many of our trade partners are donating proceeds from Lot 14 South Hall to this wonderful cause.

Franklin County Education Foundation

At Winslow Homes, it is an honor for us to be able to support our schools. We have adopted a school each year through the Franklin County Education Foundation. With the adoption it allows us to get to know the needs of each school and be a part of the community. One of our favorite things to do is to show appreciation to the teachers. On teacher work days or half days, we bring lunch, snacks and small gifts like umbrellas. Seeing the appreciation from the teachers encourages us to do more. So, we have started building things like a small storage locker for lost and found items and shelters at the playground for the teachers to stand under to get out of the sun.

Long Mill Elementary School Grounds Beautification

Long Mill Elementary received an award to beautify its grounds. The A.J. Fletcher Award provided 24 new azalea bushes to the school at no cost. Long Mill’s business partner, Winslow Homes, and the third-grade classes worked together to plant them in front of the school.

Long Mill Elementary School Pavilion Build

Bunn Elementary ADA Swing Set

We are honored to have been able to help Bunn Elementary with a new ADA swing set for their playground!

Some other items that have been donated include a shelter and ADA swings to Franklinton, Louisburg, Long Mill & Bunn Elementary, an outdoor shaded seating area for teachers & a garden at Youngsville Elementary, and a scoreboard at Franklinton High School.

Habitat for Humanity of Wake County

Here’s a link to an article the News & Observer did about this project.

Youngsville Christmas Parade

Winslow Homes Youngsville Christmas Parade- 2017

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