The Difference Between Buying A Home And The Homebuilding Experience

The Difference Between Buying A Home And The Homebuilding Experience

With the prices of existing homes rising quickly in North Carolina’s Triangle region, many people who had not considered building their own homes before are now considering it as an option. There is still plenty of good land in places like Youngsville, Wendell, Knightdale, Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Oxford and the surrounding areas to build new construction on, so it is a great potential to investigate.

The perfect location

When buying an existing home, there can be a frustrating mismatch between your perfect home location and your perfect home design. You may find a neighborhood you love but find there are no homes that really appeal to you there. You also may find the perfect home but in an area that is inconvenient or otherwise unappealing.

A big benefit of building a new home is that there is no reason for this mismatch. Pick the piece of land you love in the location you love, then build your perfect home just how you imagine it.

Exactly what you want from the start

This element of the homebuilding experience, of getting exactly what you want, cannot be overstated. When you work with a quality homebuilder, they work with you to find out exactly what would make a home perfect for you. How many children do you have? What are the hobbies and interests of the people in your home? What are the design and style preferences of the decision-makers? There is so much to consider, and being able to make the original version of the home just how you want it means no expensive renovation projects going forward.

No ‘pre-existing conditions’

You also won’t need to pay for big projects to remedy problems that have developed over time. Just as there are pre-existing conditions that people have medically when they sign up for health care, every home more than a few years old will have some pre-existing conditions. Maybe the roof tends to leak. Maybe the foundation is sinking, or the crawl space takes on moisture. Maybe there are just ugly popcorn ceilings that make you cringe every time you look up.

A newly-built home has none of these existing issues. It’s handed to the original owner in a pristine state without any major structural or cosmetic defects.

Winslow Homes proudly provides the home-building experience

Those searching for a homebuilder in Youngsville, Wendell, Knightdale, Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest, Oxford or the surrounding areas can find no better-rated company than Winslow Homes. We have won ‘Best of the Best’ for local homebuilders for the last three years running and are always trying to be even better.

Winslow Homes values nothing more than creating that homebuilding experience for our customers. We want every moment of the build, from the first moment you consult with us about your dream home plans to the moment you’re handed the keys, to be perfect. Give us a call at (919) 556-4700 to take the first steps on this path today.

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