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Your house is more than just four walls, bricks, and mortar — it’s your home, it is the place where you get away from all of the stress and anxiety from work, where you make beautiful memories with your family. Because you spend so much time in your home with your loved ones, it needs to be a special place that reflects your personality, style, and your lifestyle.

With decades of experience in the field, Winslow Homes has been building impressive custom-made dream homes for families living in Franklinton, NC. We understand that the house isn’t just a building, but a place to make lasting memories with your loved ones. It offers immense joy for years to come.

Winslow Homes is a Certified energy star Builder serving Franklinton, NC. We have expertise in building energy-efficient homes equipped with the latest technology to give their clients the most power savings without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the house that defines an Winslow Homes.

Advantages of Building a Custom Home

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Customize your home

Designing your own custom home is all about the ability to make your own choices and decisions. Custom builders offer you the complete liberty to choose everything you want in your dream home, including accessories, wall color, floor coverings, personalized cabinetry designs, and extra amenities. If you aren’t a granite lover and prefer hand-painted tiling style in your home, you can have it. If you are in love with natural light, you can have skylights in every room! From walls to flooring, interior, and exterior, you are in charge of every element that goes into building your dream home when going for a custom-made home.

At Winslow Homes, we have a fully equipped design studio at our headquarters located just down the road in Youngsville.

Avoid bidding for a home

The market is usually hot in Franklinton, NC residences. Homes can be auctioned quickly, making the home purchasing competition fierce. Depending on your location, finding a house with the elements you want can be very challenging and frustrating, to be honest. Even if you manage to find it somehow, you might lose it in an intense bidding war! With custom-made home builders, you never have to worry about outbidding other purchasers or taking the stress from home shopping.

Better technology and Energy efficient materials

One of the most significant advantages of creating a custom home is that it can ensure you of the best quality. You are in charge of every element that goes in the making. Hiring a custom home builder implies they will provide you with ample choices and knowledge about those choices. You’ll know the quality of every aspect of your dream home, and that’s something many homeowners dreams of when purchasing their dream home.

You also have the liberty to equip your homes with energy-efficient features that can help save you some extra cash. Custom-made homes are built with exceptional insulation techniques and safe construction designs, maintaining heat and cool air. With frequently progressing construction techniques, custom-built homes provide the latest and advanced heating and cooling systems. Custom-made homes also come with eco-friendly equipment and water-conserving plumbing faucets, which can help reduce monthly bills.

Great feeling of building a custom home

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Nothing matches the feeling you get when building a custom home. Custom-made home builders strive to make your custom home experience an enjoyable process. With experienced and trained builders at your service, you can sit back with a designer and discuss what exactly you want. You get the chance to wander the property and reckon how you can turn it into the place you call home. You can personalize every area until you’re delighted with it. It is a fun process.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Custom Home Builder Company

At first, glance, when you plan to hire a custom home builder for your home it may not appear like an important task to examine the company as long as your home is insured. However, there are some factors that you must consider when hiring a custom home builder company to get an excellent service. These includes:


Make sure the company you are hiring is trustworthy so that you can have a sense of professional relationship with them. Before making a decision, shop around for a home builder that you could trust with your home.

Get Personal Attention

What is the point of the custom-made home if you do not get personal attention from them? Massive companies do not consistently deliver a much-needed personal touch; they do not have enough time to sit with you and discuss the specific aspects in detail, which is essential to bring your imaginations into reality.


Make sure that a builder deals with all warranty claims in-house; when the builders are personally associated with your project, you know they are willing to stand behind the customer and be accountable for the quality work they offer.

You Get Local Assistance

Make sure when you hire a custom-made home builder, they are a regional based company to where the build took place. So that If there is an issue, you can easily reach them and get it resolved in no time. On the other hand, hiring an out-of-state custom-made home builder can cause unnecessary problems during the building process.

Expert Knowledge and Experience

When hiring In-house custom-made housebuilders, make sure they possess the right skills and knowledge to handle your project. They must have a comprehensive understanding of all the elements, materials, employees, timelines, and other information that can help to resolve any unexpected issue. It will result in a smoother building process.

Get Your Home Customised With Winslow Homes Near Franklinton, NC

When creating a home that stands the test of time, it’s essential to work with a trusted custom home builder. At Winslow Homes, you will be in the right hands. Over the years, we have established an excellent reputation by seeking perfection in every element of the homes we build. If you are looking to design a custom home in the Franklinton area, please contact us today!

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